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90 years of beautiful jewellery making

Inspired by its provenance and by the values that have always steered the company strategies, in 2019 FOPE presents a huge restyling project who will involve a new logo, new colours, communications tools and all things brand identity. These new elements mark the 90th anniversary of the foundation, a fantastic achievement for a company that has always been owned by the same family and has grown dramatically in time thanks to leading distinctive jewellery collections. In addition FOPE presents a new brand collection called Eka Anniversario, a new version of the signature bestsellers range consisting in a subtle yet fundamental re-design of the rondel, a true joy for those seeking for Italian elegance, comfort, high quality and wearability. New upcoming novelties are in the pipeline.



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Made in Vicenza

Vicenza is very rich in history and culture and has always nurtured talent and great traditions. It is well-known for being the city of Andrea Palladio, widely considered to be one of the most influential Renaissance architect.

Vicenza together with Arezzo and Valenza is also one of the three historic centres of jewellery making in Italy. Workshops large and small have always crafted gold here, creating deep-rooted traditions which are passed down the generations. Here lie the roots of the family which set up its first workshop at the turn of the 20th century, and have been making FOPE creations ever since. They draw on this rich, shared culture as they invent ever-new ways of interpreting Italian style. KURS PALLADU





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